There is nothing a specialty cup of coffee cannot do. There are umpteen recipes of coffee available that are capable of making your day. The recipe we are going to discuss in this article is Sweet Sofiaccino. If you own a Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, you are in a fabulous place to have your hands on this recipe as it falls in the category of exclusive recipes that come with it, out of the box. For more information, check out Solid Gold Eats. This drink is bound to make your daily coffee time a much more happening one. So without stretching the flattery more, let us focus on how you can make it.

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The time required:

This recipe hardly takes 10 minutes of work into it. You will be pleased with the end product and might as well end up considering it your favourite for the ease of bringing it about.

The things you will need to brew Sweet Sofiaccino:

There is a small list of things that needs to be fulfilled in order to make this specialty drink. The list is given as under:

You will need a Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer before anything else

For garnishing, grab some ground cinnamon
  • About half a cup filled with condensed milk, sweetened preferably
  • 1/4th of a cup filled with evaporated milk
  • 3 cups full of ice
  • About 4 tablespoons of Colombian coffee, ground

When these things are ready, you can go on to make Sweet Sofiaccino with the help of the steps listed under the upcoming heading.

The process of making:
  • This process is fairly easy to carry out on your Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer. Stick to the steps that follow for a near perfect brew.
  • Switch the size setting to Travel Mug.
  • Switch the brew setting to Specialty as this is an exclusive recipe.
  • After having done the measurement setting in accordance with the above, bring in the first ingredient, that is, ground coffee. Place it in the brew basket of your Ninja Brewer.
  • Grab a big plastic cup and put all the ice into it. Place this cup in position for brewing.
  • Now toggle the size setting button to Travel Mug.
  • Press the button that displays ‘Specialty Brew’ and you are now good to go.
  • The brewer has now been started.
  • When the coffee has been poured over the ice in the cup, combine the contents with the condensed milk and the evaporated milk.
  • This has to be done in a blender container that has a capacity of at least 24 ounces.
  • The contents are then to be placed on a blender which is to be run until the mixture is rendered smooth. This process should ideally take a time of roughly 25 seconds.
  • Segregate the mixture into two glasses.
  • Now would be time to use the garnishing ingredient. Use cinnamon and whipped cream to bring about the process.

Seems delicious? It would feel so once you make it yourself. So get and get going now!

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