Small space is common these days and managing space is rapidly becoming an issue these days. There is a need for innovative ideas that can help manage space better. You would have struggled with less space in the laundry very often. Here, we come up with a bunch of ideas to manage space in the laundry room that may prove effective if you live in a bustling city like New York City. These ideas are bound to bring ease to your life. They are dabbed with a pinch of creativity. Here they are: 

Install some baskets in your cabinet: 

Most of the times, the shelves in your cabinets are not the best options for storage, they end up taking more space than is required. You can rectify this problem by fitting some pull-out baskets inside of them. This way, you would be able to utilize your space better. 

Amp up your doors: 

The back side of doors are often unoccupied. You can build a shoe storage unit at the back of your door. If that is not feasible, you may consider smaller approaches such as hooks for hanging clothes. 

Bring in some redundant furniture: 

You must have useless furniture lurking around in your home such as an empty bookshelf. It is not ludicrous to bring it to your laundry room and load the items strewn on the floor into it. This helps in two ways: your useless furniture has been brought to use and your problems with space have been solved. You can give your own touch to this idea by bringing in other kinds of useless items for storage. 

Occupy spaces under your washing unit with pedestal drawers: 

There is often a space left under the washing/drying unit when you raise them up. This space can be utilized with the help of pedestal drawers. These drawers can be used to store small items in segregated sections. Moreover, many new washing units are available with a pedestal drawer add-on. Do not forget to ask for one when buying a new unit. 

Put up a folding station: 

There is nothing that saves space better than a folding station. You can occupy a wall with a folding station. If you feel creative, you can work upon this idea more so that a station is tailor made for your needs. 

You can go for curtains: 

Curtains come in handy when it comes to creating sections in your laundry room. You can easily install a curtain rod yourself. Your washing/drying units can easily hide behind the curtains. 

Add more shelves to your laundry room: 

There is a clear probability that your laundry room has some unused corners. These corners can be utilized by adding shelves to them. Small, compact shelves with do the work for you. This may be considered the easiest method to save space. 

 As you may have seen, these ideas mostly involve DIY techniques so your space saving ideas are at your fingertips. There is absolutely no need to struggle with space anymore. Get up and get going! 


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