A burger is an essential part of our daily lives. It has pretty much become an everyday story. But many times we find ourselves spilling the ingredients all over ourselves. This happens more often than not. Very often we find ourselves embarrassed at a restaurant when with burger ingredients strewn all over our tables. No, there is no denying it because it has happened to everyone. You will be surprised to know that you might have been eating your burger the wrong way all along. It may be more appalling but there is a scientifically proven method to hold a burger.

Science has infiltrated this field as well. You must learn to hold your burger this way in order to keep yourself from getting embarrassed in public and to avoid unnecessary frustration. As a matter of fact, eating should be something joyful and easy. Once you know the technique, rest assured you will have a good time munching on a burger.

Having touched upon why you need to know this technique, we must move on to the intricacies of it. Without much further flattery, let us seek how to not get embarrassed by the steps that follow: 

The grip 

You must keep in mind that holding a burger tightly may be very helpful but holding it too tight can turn out to be a mess in itself as you may end up crushing contents apart from ruining the bun. 

Warm up 

A delicacy like burger is a huge thing for our feeble mouths. So you must practice before gulping down a burger. Open your empty mouth as much wide as can be possible then close it. Repeat it a number of times so that your muscles can be ready to take on a burger. 

Holding the burger properly 

This is the tenor of this article. There have been researches and the method that stands out is by using your thumbs and pinky fingers. Your hold the burger with your pinky fingers and thumb supporting the burger at the bottom; and the remaining three fingers of both the hands on the top side of it. This method works in the way such that the pinky fingers do not let the contents of the burger spill out from the back side. This issue has been the highlight of your frustration to say the least. 

Another important tip for holding a burger is to grab it upside down. This is particularly helpful when the bun on the bottom is thicker than that on the top. 

How science got here? 

This question is pertinent because we need to know how researchers figured out this technique. Fluid mechanics experts studied the burger for quite some time to figure out how the contents of a burger interacted with each other. The conclusion showed that the most common way was ineffective. After some attempts, they ended up with this method. 

 So next time when you go out, avoid embarrassment in public with this simple technique. You might as well start practicing it now! 

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