You cannot resist the temptation you feel toward booze. We understand the struggle but we would rather say that you do not even try to resist it. That is because we bring to you a boozy delight in the form of Champagne Popsicles. This recipe is great for relaxation and economical if you wish to utilize the leftover booze from the celebration the other night. In fact, these little things are what you need to add celebration for life.

No, popsicles are not for kids, it would not really matter if they were because Champagne Popsicles are for mature people. Moreover, this recipe is easy to pull off and stupendously delicious. So let us see how may be able to pull it off. 

The time required and other minute details: 

You will realize that this recipe is a cinch to pull off. The final product is awesome at best and is easily available to you. There is nothing else you could end up liking more. There will a total time requirement of 10 minutes working with the ingredients. The final yield would be enough to serve 6 people. 

The things that would be required: 

There is a small bunch of things that may be needed for this recipe. That small bunch is given as under: 

  • About 2/3rd of a cup filled with your favorite champagne 
  • A pint of strawberries, preferably fully ripe 
  • Half a cup full of sugar, or in accordance with your taste 
  • About half a cup of water. 

When these things are ready on your kitchen shelf, you can look into the process of cooking. 

The procedure of making Champagne Popsicles: 

This is an easy process and you will end up loving the end result not just for its boozy appeal but also for the flavour you savor. Follow the instructions that follow to make a perfect batch of popsicles for your intoxicating supper time. 

  • Place a small saucepan on a medium flame. Add water and sugar to this saucepan. 
  • Dissolve the sugar completely in this water through frequent stirring. Having done that, turn the flame off. You end up with a syrup that would hold your popsicles together. 
  • Clean your strawberries of the green leafy tops. 
  • Load your strawberries onto a blender and run it until you have a smooth texture. 
  • Mix the champagne, the sugar syrup and the strawberries together. Whisk them together to make sure the mixture is thorough. 
  • Grab your molds and fill them out with the mixture you made in the previous step. Place these molds in a deep freezer. They would take more than two hours to solidify. 
  • Once the freezing is done, take them out of the molds and make your day! 

The popsicles are your kind of fun if you enjoy exotic yet simple recipes. An afternoon with these could make your entire day special. So, you should not be pondering much on this recipe and start making them. Go on! 

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